About HLJ Canada

About us
HLJ Canada offers a variety of decorative building products for residential and commercial applications. At HLJ Canada, we provide sophisticated, one-stop-shop supply chain solutions to meet customers’ specific needs. From production management to quality control, logistics and other important functions, HLJ’s services cover the entire supply chain end-to-end.
Our core products for interior and exterior uses include:

  • PVC foam boards
  • PVC foam molding
  • Polyurethane crown molding
  • Aluminum casting railing post mounts
  • Aluminum casting trough racks and down-pipe holders
  • Aluminum forging architectural pickets and ornaments
  • Coil nails and roofing nails
  • PVC fencing self-closing stainless steel hinges and latches
  • Solar fencing post ball caps

Whether you are searching for the supplies of price sensitive home building and renovation projects materials, or if you need quality home building materials or railing decorative for your architectural projects, HLJ Canada can be your solution.
We offer full contract manufacturing services of iron and aluminum casting and forging components for railing and fencing. We provide expertise and exceptional service to best serve our customers.

Quality Assurance
The difference with HLJ Canada is our beautiful systems require less installation time, which reduces labor costs. Plus, all products meet the highest international standards.
Please take time to review the highlights of our products throughout the presentation, and then contact us today about how we can serve your needs.